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The Pet Palace

The Pet Palace

The Pet Palace offers overnight boarding, daycare, full-service grooming and retail supplies. They have great services and knowledgeable staff to serve you and the needs of your pet.

Grooming Packages include: Haircut, bathing, conditioning the coat, dipping for fleas and ticks, cleaning the ears, clipping the nails, expressing the anal glands, drying, brushing out the coat, cologne and bows or bandana.

They offer senior discounts on Tuesday! 10% off for adults over the age of 60!

Give the pet palace a call at (706) 638-1550 (LaFayette) or (706) 638-3802 (Trenton) or you can visit them at one of their two locations: 12869 Hwy 27 North Chickamauga, Georgia or 12295 S. Main St. Trenton, Georgia.

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